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"A lot has changed since 2015. While some short-term rental hosts run a single listing part-time to help pay their bills, an increasing number of people are turning to short term-rental hosting and management full time as a career. They run multiple listings in multiple cities, providing travelers with more options than ever before for accommodations. As the market has grown and Airbnbs have started to compete with hotels, traditional vacation and property rental managers have taken notice. They’ve jumped into the short-term rental economy, listing their properties on Airbnb, HomeAway, and other booking sites."
"Airbnb says it doesn’t have data on which missing items drive the most complaints.
But it did survey 8,629 travelers in 11 countries last summer to find out which “amenities” they value. The company asked travelers to rank the importance of six “indoor amenities,” including a full kitchen, washer/dryer, high-speed internet and Wi-Fi and air-conditioning and heat (Is heat really an amenity?). Travelers from Spain, Germany, Canada and China ranked high-speed internet and Wi-Fi as most important. Among vacationers from the U.S. and Australia, air-conditioning and heat was the top response. For outdoor amenities, travelers from the United States, Australia and Canada ranked free parking as most important. Travelers from China, Spain and Italy wanted a pool and hot tub. The survey also asked travelers what most annoys them about holiday rentals. The majority of people ranked “uncomfortable beds and towels” as most bothersome, above small bathrooms or mismatched décor."
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